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Tan Restore is a self-tanner that is the answer to how to keep your tan lasting throughout your vacation. With a rejuvenating mix of antioxidants, vitamins, Dead Sea mineral salts and coconut extracts, this product feels luxurious even as it’s giving life to an existing tan or creating a whole new one. So whether your travels take you to faraway places, or just out to the local cafe, Tan Restore makes for a perfect companion.

Sizes available: 1 oz travel size, 4 oz


Skincare type: Self-Tanner


Selling Points: A great self-tanner that can also be used to keep an existing tan vibrant, revitalizes your skin as you tan!


  • Oil-Free

  • Alcohol-Free

  • Hypoallergenic

  • PH-Balanced

  • Vitamins A and E

  • Infused with Dead Sea mineral salts 

  • Made with Coconut extracts


Who it’s for: Designed for all skin types


For best results: Rub gel into skin in small circular motions. Use sparingly around inside of knees, elbows, and ankles. For face, apply coin-sized amount and rub gently in small circular motions, blending well into hairline. Wash hands thoroughly after applying. Do not shower or exercise strenuously for 8 hours, as tan fully develops. Wash hands thoroughly after handling product. After a spray tan, use every 3 to 4 days as required to restore any faded spots.

Tip: Remember to wait the full amount of time for your Tan Restore colour to develop before determining if you want to put more on. Sunless tans require a minimum of 8 hours to reach their full potential, so if you think your tan looks light at 5 hours and decide to “double dip,” you might be in for a surprise and be far darker than you anticipated the next day.

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Aviva Labs Canada - Tan Restore Sunless Tanning Gel
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