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Learn How to Spray Tan Today!

The spray tanning business has grown nearly 500% over the past 5 years! If you already own a salon or you want to work for yourself, Spray Tanning offers an amazing business opportunity or to expand your client base.

Online Spray Tan Training

We have an awesome online training course called the “Sunless 101”. You can take this online course from the comfort of your own computer. Do the courses in your own time frame that covers all that you need to help kick start your business to success!


Our online spray tan training is perfect for the entrepreneur, business owner or anyone who wants to train themselves or their employees to have an upper edge in the spray tanning industry.

Benefits From Our Training

  • Increase your confidence in delivering a superior, flawless tan

  • A jaw-dropping and signature "sun-kissed" technique that is indistinguishable from a real tan

  • How to focus on the client experience, not on your technique

  • Learn our fool-proof method to achieving a perfect spray tan

  • Eliminate trail-and-error learning 

  • Don't settle for teaching yourself techniques that don't work

  • Learn the secrets to win clients for life

  • Grow your loyal customer base by customizing the look perfectly to each client's body type

  • Gain the understanding to apply the perfect product to the right skin type

  • Overcome the "One Size Fits All" approach to improve client retention

  • Differentiate your business from "other spray tanning salons"

  • How to increase your number of spray tans per week

  • Discover the all too common mistakes "newbies" make so you can avoid them from the start

  • Consider a customizable business start-up kit that includes equipment, solutions and skin care

What You Will Receive


  • Comprehensive sunless spray tanning from A to Z

  • Online training from an expert successful spray tanning pro

  • The world’s best, most foolproof technique in a simple, step-by-step guide

  • What you need to know about sunless solutions to get the best performance

  • How to talk to your clients about health and spray tanning.

  • Sales and marketing secrets

  • Fundamentals of business success

  • Certificate of Completion you can frame on the wall

  • How to buy equipment that is best for you and your budget

  • Equipment maintenance knowledge

  • How to separate fact from fiction and get real answers

Is It Expensive to Get Started?

Launching your own spray tanning business is very affordable, with quick return on investment, high profit margins and a business you can grow with repeat customers!

For example, you could be earning an average of $200.00 per hour plus tips with 4 customers. Spray tanning is a 15 minute service per person.

We can customize a start up package for you within your budget, or you can go for one of our start up packages that offer an excellent first time savings bundle deal.

You can pay off your starter kit quickly, as 1 litre bottle generates between 16-18 full body spray tans!


Do You Offer All of the Equipment?


Yes, we have everything you need to launch your own spray tanning business, whether it’s for a mobile spray tanning business, or an add on to a spa or salon. We have you covered, which includes: equipment, solutions, skincare and training.


Do I Need to Own a Salon?

You do NOT need to own a salon or spa to launch your own spray tanning business. Spray tanning can be run on it’s own, or you can add it to what you are already doing as an added value service!

What Else Does the Training Include?

Your success is our goal! You may have had product and technique training before, but it’s NOT the same as our Online Sunless 101 training. With others, you’ll only learn how to spray (usually with a very poor, hard to master technique). Their idea of marketing is to throw some brochures at clients and put a poster in the window.

What you’re also going to learn with our online sunless 101 training:

  • What is Spray Tanning and how does it work?

  • How to ensure you never turn anyone orange

  • Types of solutions

  • What to look for in a solution

  • Things that can ruin a spray tan

  • The importance of retail

  • How much to charge for your services

  • How to choose equipment

  • Room setup

  • Marketing

  • How to apply a flawless spray tan

  • How to spray tan effectively and efficiently, using little solution and without using barrier cream


Do I need barrier cream?

No, Aviva Labs Canada products don't require barrier cream like many of our competitors.

What is better to use, a pop up tent or a professional backdrop?

Our professional portable backdrop is the best solution! Unlike the confined dark tents with limited lighting that may make your client feel claustrophobic and potentially ruin a spray tan if they brush up against the side coupled with the struggle of cleaning a tent, the backdrop is open to allow plenty of light and maneuverability, as well as easy cleaning in your wash machine with the high quality non-fading, non-staining, non-shrinking muslin cotton cloth.

Do you offer spray tan solutions for competition spray tanning, and if so, how is it different from others?

Yes, our competition spray tan is a bronzer only, which can be washed off after a competition. It is called “Atlas”, and it is designed to be sweat and drip proof, as well as odour free!

This way, the competitor can perform and do what they need to under the hot stage lights worry free plus look amazing!

Our other bronzer only solution is called 'Tango Tan.'

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