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Combining the triple power of:

  • Certified Organics

  • Exotic Anti-Aging

  • Powerful Moisturizers

This solution delivers the most silky smooth spray tan of your clients’ lives.

Color: Honolulu is Double chocolate brown


  • Wash off sooner!

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Oil-free (No sticky or tacky spray tan feeling!)

  • Alcohol-free (Won’t dry out your skin!)

  • Fragrance-Free (No stinky “cover up” smell)

  • 10X Silky smooth on the skin

  • Organic nourishment

  • Exotic anti-aging power pack

  • 2X faster drying and faster development

Set Time: 30 minutes to 3+ hours (depends on skin type)

Shelf Life: 6-Month Guarantee, can last up to one year


Who it’s for: Honolulu is one of our most versatile solutions. Anyone can use it, and everyone loves it! Just be sure to match up your wash-off time with your skin type!

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