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What to LOOK FOR when Inquiring about NATURAL, ORGANIC Spray Tan Solutions

Updated: May 25, 2023

There are so many tanning solutions out there to choose from. Each company has its own characteristics and reasons why you should choose their product for your spray tanning business. Most of these reasons are based solely on colour, however this shouldn't be the only thing to look for when choosing the right tanning solution. In this article, we will look at a few more factors you might not have thought about to check for.

Take pride in the spray tan solutions you offer.
Tips On Finding a Natural, Organic Spray Tan Solution

Many spray tan solutions are oil-based and have scents added to them. Right away this should tell you that if it is not water-based, it is an inferior product and is not healthy for skin. Also, if the spray tan solution has some ‘special’ scent added to it, it is probably masking another unwanted scent, such as poorly treated DHA. This means that a salon is if offering a tanning service with a choice of scents such as lavender, strawberries, coconut, etc. You can be assured that the solution most likely will contain nut oils, allergens, chemicals and other ingredients that are not healthy and may give you an unwanted skin reaction.

One of the common ingredients in oil-based tanning solutions is alcohol. When a tanning solution is formulated in an inferior way, the result will give a sticky and tacky feeling on the skin. Alcohol formulated into the solution is a ‘quick-fix’ in helping with the drying time. The problem with alcohol is that it dries the skin out and will cause a spray tan to fade a lot sooner.

The advantage of a using an all natural, organic, water-based solution is that it dries almost instantly and will feel silky-smooth when applied and will not dry out the skin.

When looking for an oil-free, natural sunless organic spray tan solutions, there are a few factors to consider when purchasing a service or offering the product to clients.

Hypoallergenic: Takes the worry out of having an allergic reaction.

FDA Approved: It has been deemed to be safe for its application.

Vegan: No animal testing has been done with this product.

Ingredients: The product does not have too many ingredients that are healthy, natural and safe without the addition of oils, alcohols and fragrances.

Aviva Labs Canada offers sunless spray tan solutions and skin care products that will give you peace of mind.

  • Doctor formulated.

  • Natural-looking and long lasting.

  • Even fading.

  • Oil-free.

  • Fragrance-free.

  • Alcohol-free.

  • Erythrulose-free.

  • Only made with FDA approved Ingredients.

  • PETA-approved.

  • Composed of the highest quality, premium grade DHA.

  • Water-based.

  • Fast-drying.

  • Vegan.

  • Not tested on Animals.

  • Free of harsh dyes and chemicals.

  • Nut-free and allergen-free.

  • Non-comedogenic

  • Always fresh and come with a 6-month shelf-life guarantee.

  • Hypoallergenic.

  • Formulated with long term health in mind.

  • Erythrulose-free made with Eco-Cert certified DHA (dihydroxyacetone).

Aviva Labs is a world leader in ethical sunless tanning products. They are created with the highest quality ingredients to be the best-performing in the spray tan industry.  All ingredients are carefully sourced to meet the standards of quality and health.

  • Never test on animals

  • Only use FDA approved ingredients

  • Comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices of the pharmaceutical industry

  • Monitor all products with a strict system of in-house quality control measures

  • Provide only Vegan products

  • Are PETA approved

  • Offer Hypoallergenic Solutions

  • Use sustainable raw materials

  • Use recycled packaging and shipping materials

  • Provide biodegradable products

Not many tanning products live up to these lists because they do not manufacture oil-free, alcohol-free, erythrulose-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic solutions.

Get in touch with Aviva Labs Canada and discover what it is like to receive a natural spray tan that dries instantly and goes on silky smooth. It’s time to feel good by showing off your healthy tan.

Canadian Wholesaler of Aviva Labs Spray Tan Solutions, Skin Care and Equipment


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