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Tips on How to Give Your Clients the Perfect Spray Tan

Updated: May 25, 2023

Learn wow to give your clients a perfect spray tan.

If you're tired of exposing yourself to the harsh rays of the sun or can't get an even natural tan, spray tanning is a great alternative. However, there are many misconceptions about spray tanning that can lead to issues like green underarms or too much tan on your face. That's why here at Aviva Labs Canada we are here to help you and give you some tips on getting the perfect spray tan.

Too Much Spray Tan on the Face

One of the worst spray tan problems you can have is having too much tan on your face. This can be caused by using a percentage solution that is too strong for your skin type or over-spraying the face. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you have the right DHA percentage solution and avoid over-spraying the face. If it's too late, exfoliate using a lemon and sugar scrub or your best exfoliant after taking a warm bath.

Green Underarms

Green underarms occur when the colouring dyes in a spray tan react with the deodorant you are wearing. To avoid this, avoid wearing deodorant or exfoliate under your arms before your spray tan.

Hands and Face Fading Faster

Your face and hands are the areas that fade the fastest because they undergo a more rigorous hygienic routine than the rest of your body. You can stop washing your hands after using the bathroom, but the better solution is to use a tan-extending moisturizer specifically designed to give back some of the tan your hands and face lost and keep your spray tan fading evenly.

Leaky Spray Tan Cup

A leaky cup can lead to less-than-perfect spray tan results. The air seal in the spray tan gun is essential, and without it, the spray tan solution will not spray correctly. Contact the company you purchased the spray tan machine from for assistance.

Raining on Your Spray Tan Appointment

If it's raining after your spray tan appointment, ask your spray tanner for an umbrella or emergency parka to avoid washing away the DHA part of the tan, which can result in streaks, blotching and an uneven tan.

Spray Tan Smells

There is no such thing as "DHA smell," "after-tan odour," or "spray tan stink." The overpowering fragrances, strong alcohol odours, or bad smells are due to how the spray tan solution was formulated and manufactured. Look for a company that offers fragrance-free solutions.

Shaving and Funny Tan Lines

Shaving is severe exfoliation that can dramatically affect your tan. Beards are made of thick, coarse hair and often block most of the tanning product being sprayed over them. Use a sharp razor and avoid shaving after your spray tan. Remember to use a tan-extending moisturizer specifically designed for shaving to help prevent funny tan lines.

Launch Gateway Inc — Aviva Labs Canada are the go-to experts for all spray tanning issues and needs. With the above tips, you can achieve the perfect spray tan without the common issues.

Now go get your glow on!

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