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Top 5 Tips for Getting the BEST Spray Tan Ever!

Updated: May 25, 2023

Find A Spray Tan That Matches Your Skin Tone
Top 5 Tips For the Best Spray Tan Ever!

Here are the 5 top tips for achieving the best spray tan ever:

1) Skin Prep: During skin prep before their spray tan make sure your client uses an oil free exfoliate and does not apply any type of lotions, oils, butters, or creams between their shower, exfoliation and spray tan. When it comes to getting yourself ready for a spray tan, you always want to have 'naked' skin. In other words, absolutely nothing that could shorten or hinder your spray tan. Always use an exfoliator to slough dead skin cells from the skin concentrating on your hands, knees and elbows. This will leave the skin free from any oils allowing the tan to penetrate evenly. Do not use any exfoliates that has any type of oil, or butter's in it as it will act like a barrier.

2) Pick the right colour base of spray tan solution that matches to your clients skin tone giving a DHA level of darkness that would suit them best. When it comes to skin tones, one colour does not fit all. Just like a red lipstick, there are bluish and cooler undertone reds and warmer or peachy toned red lipsticks. It is the same with spray tan solutions. We offer a variety of sunless solutions for pale, bluish or cooler skin tones as well as for olive or warmer skin tones. Learn how to match those solutions with your customers unique skin tone so you can customize the absolute perfect spray tan for each person so they look amazing!

3) Proper Gun Settings: When you spray tan, turn your spray gun very low and do not use too much solution! You should barely be able to see the solution coming out of the gun. If you see a big mist, your gun is turned way too high.

Important: No more than 1.5-2 ounces of spray tanning solution per full body spray tan if using Aviva Labs solutions.

4) Spray Gun to Skin Distances: When you are spraying more porous areas like elbows, knees and feet (including the face and neck) be more aware of how close your gun is to the skin along with how much solution is spraying out. You don't want the gun too close and you want to use a 'feathering technique' where you bring your gun a bit further away from these areas so to not over saturate the skin. This way ensures that you do not need to use barrier creams. When spraying, keep the gun at about 8 inches away from the skin as this allows your gun to disperse a more even amount of solution over a greater area of skin and you avoid spraying the solution on too heavy.

5) When does a client shower after getting a spray tan? Most DHA sunless solutions take about 8 hours to completely develop; therefore, clients should not shower until after 8 hours from the time they are sprayed. Since a DHA tan takes 8 hours to completely develop, you should educate your clients that no matter how quickly they shower they should not expect to see their full tan until after that time. There are express solutions that can be used to speed up shower time as quickly as 30 minutes after being sprayed. With the first shower off, it is suggested to rinse off with water water only as the DHA is still in the developing stage.

Get in touch with Aviva Labs Canada and discover what it is like to receive a natural spray tan that dries instantly and goes on silky smooth. It’s time to feel good by showing off your healthy tan. - Canadian Wholesale Distributor of Aviva Labs Products


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