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Has Your Tanning Solution Turned Green?

Updated: May 25, 2023

Help! My Tanning Solution Turned Green
Why Did My Tanning Solution Turn Green

It is not uncommon to pour a spray tan solution into a cup and notice it has turned green or blueish in colour. This is pretty typical of a solution that has gone beyond its expiration date. It would be nice that a spray tan solution would last till the bottle was completely finished. However, a spray tan solution will typically last 6 months opened to over one year unopened even if it has been stored in optimal conditions.

The reason a spray tan solution has turned green is through a process called oxidation. This is when the cosmetic or food-grade bronzers of red, yellow and blue have oxidized. Red will oxidize the quickest leaving red and blue making green.

Some spray tan companies will put a whole pile of extras in their solutions to defer from the fact that there are subpar ingredients in their formulas they are selling to you. The quality of ingredients in a solution are important. However, putting additives and preservatives to make a solution last longer does not make it necessarily of more quality or healthy product,  just like the foods we consume.

Spray tan solutions made with oils, alcohols and cosmetic bronzers rather than food-grade colourants are indicators of a subpar solution and will most likely turn green sooner than a higher quality solution. A good quality solution should last 6 months to up to a year. This should be ample time to use up a whole bottle of solution. The fact is that given enough time, every solution will turn green. If you find your solutions are turning green too soon, it may be time to consider a tanning solution that uses higher quality ingredients. If you have a solution where the bronzer has tarted to oxidize, do not panic. You can still use the solution because it does not mean the DHA has gone bad. When the bronzer washes off, the DHA will still do its job and a developed tan will result. The only downside, is that the bronzer will not look right on the skin until it has been showered off. The best thing at the end of the day is to test the solution you are not sure of on a small patch of skin on yourself to see how it looks and develops.

The best way to store a spray tan solution is in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents. Cheaper solutions may have to be stored in a refrigerator — higher quality ones are perfectly fine stored at room temperature.

It is typical for solution in the cap of the spray tan bottle to turn green. This does not mean that the whole solution has gone bad. Pouring a little solution into the spray tan cup is the best indicator.

Sometimes clients will complain that their armpits have turned green after a spray tan. This is a result of not properly exfoliating the skin where there is a residue of perfume or deodorant and the bronzer has reacted with it. This is why proper skin prep is of utmost importance and the factor of having a long-lasting spray tan.

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