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Factors in Maintaining a LONG-LASTING, HEALTHY, Natural Spray Tan

Updated: May 25, 2023

The following tips will help your skin and your spray tan last, plus maintaining it to help look its best. You could say that these things are mutually inclusive.

Healthy looking skin and a healthy glow go hand in hand.
Important Factors in Maintaining a LONG-LASTING, HEALTHY, Natural Spray Tan

When a spray tan is applied to your skin, there is an ingredient in the solution called DHA or Dihydroxyacetone. DHA will temporarily darken the top layer of your skin. This is why it is important to keep your top layer of skin as healthy as possible to prolong the benefits of your health glow. Our natural skin cycle will shed old skin cells as a new layer forms underneath. Each person will have their own unique skin cycle. However, anybody can maximize the glow of their sunless spray tan by utilizing a good maintenance regime.

Exfoliating your skin is one of the ways to maximize your spray tan before your service. Using an oil free exfoliator such as Aviva Labs Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliator helps to clean unwanted residues from your skin from soaps, creams, fragrances and shampoos to give your skin and pores a clean slate. Clean exfoliated skin or ‘naked skin’ will not have a barrier. This means that when the spray tan solution is applied, it will maximize the life of your sunless tan.

One of the benefits of using Aviva Labs Spray Tan Solutions is that there is no need for barrier creams. Their sunless solutions are water-based instead of oil-based and do not require barrier creams or prep sprays that can cause your tan to fade faster.

Before getting a spray tan, it is a good idea to shave the day before your service using an oil-free shaving cream to avoid unwanted residues because these things on your skin will affect the performance and expectancy of your spray tan.

Also, if your skin has been burned from the sun and you decide to get a spray tan, your skin may peel and result in an uneven and patchy look. This is why it is best to protect your skin and make sure that it has recovered first before getting spray tanned.

Inferior tanning solutions will have alcohol blended in their solutions to make them dry faster. This is why it is common for the skin to feel sticky and tacky afterwards when an oil-based solution is applied. The alcohol is meant to help the sprayed skin to dry quicker.

Unfortunately, many do not realize that alcohol dries the skin causing the tan to fade quicker.

Fortunately, Aviva Labs solutions are water-based and alcohol-free that dry upon contact with the skin leaving it feeling silky-smooth. The solutions have been formulated to help keep your skin healthy and extend the life of your tan.

After your spray tan service, it is important to wear loose fitting clothing until the DHA has developed on the skin. Make sure you ask your spray tanner how long the spray tan will take to develop before you shower off. Rinsing off too early may not give you the intended result you were looking for. Aviva Labs has rapid tan solutions. This means you can shower off the bronzer earlier depending on intended result, but the DHA will still do its work afterwards over the next 8 to 12 hours.

It is important to use the products that have been created and tested to compliment your skin. Mixing different name brands could negatively affect the outcome of your skin and your tan.

If you like swimming in the ocean or in a chlorinated pool, it is important to moisturize, but also clean your skin from unwanted residues from salt, chlorine and sweat. Aviva Labs has a daily DHA infused body wash that help clean away grime and help extend the life of your tan and give it an even fade.

These are just a few easy tips to help you look your best by maintaining a long-lasting spray tan.

Get in touch with Aviva Labs Canada and discover what it is like to receive a natural spray tan that dries instantly and goes on silky smooth. It’s time to feel good by showing off your healthy tan.

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