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Dive into decadence with 30 Minutes to Honolulu. Treat yourself to the pleasant, fresh feel of an Aviva Labs spray tan and see your confidence rejuvenated by the dark, sumptuous chocolate tones of this tropically-inspired fan favourite. Leave it on longer for bold and daring, or shower quicker for light and flirtatious. No matter which way your desire lies you will always look and feel divine.

The city tan line is all about convenience. Shower off in as little as 90 minutes to 180 minutes! With a self developing DHA, the darker and deeper you want your tan will be dictated by you or your client with how long the solution is left on for. This one really shines!

Colour: Double chocolate brown



  • Wash off sooner

  • Oil free - No sticky or tacky spray tan feeling

  • Alcohol free - Won’t dry out your skin!),

  • Fragrance-Free - No stinky “cover up” smell

  • Dries in seconds

  • Fades evenly


Set Time: 30 minutes to 3+ hours (depends on skin type)


Shelf Life: 6-Month Guarantee, can last up to one year


Who it’s for: Honolulu is one of our most versatile solutions. Anyone can use it, and everyone loves it! Just be sure to match up your wash-off time with your skin type!

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Aviva Labs Canada - Honolulu Spray Tan Solution
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