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Bronzer Booster Drops are the ideal way to enhance the initial colour of a tan without strengthening the developing tan beneath. The drops produce and enhance luxuriant dark brown undertones, reminiscent of chocolate and cherries. It’s perfect for someone who wants to be the center of attention for an event that night, but still walk into work the next day with the beautiful, subtle tan they are known for. Works great for dance competitors, gala attendees, and so many more!

Bottle Size: 1 ounce

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants an additional boost to the initial bronzer darkness level of their tan

Can be used with: Original, Gimme Brown, Winter Glow, Tango Tan and Atlas

Additional Features: 

  • hypoallergenic

  • oil-free

  • alcohol-free

  • fragrance-free

For best results: Add twenty-two drops per two ounce application for a boost to the bronzer colour of your tan. Be sure to thoroughly mix solution and drops before applying the spray tan.

Salon Tip: Mixing two dropper tubes of Bronzer Booster Drops with Atlas Competition Bronzer produces amazing results. Helps define sculpted muscles.

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