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Sick of those pop-up tents that are impossible to refold where you just can’t get enough lighting inside when you’re spraying, and are a big pain to clean?

A portable backdrop is the solution!


Like a pop-up tent, it sets up anywhere in minutes and is fully adjustable to fit any space. Unlike the confined dark tents that make your client feel claustrophobic and ruin tans when your client brushes up against the side, the backdrop is open to allow plenty of light and maneuverability.

The Aviva Labs Canada backdrop will give you a professional setting maximizing the benefits of lighting and open space for your clients regardless of where you are spray tanning. It's incredibly light, which makes it a breeze to setup and take down. The muslin cloth fabric is durable and machine washable.

The backdrop is super easy to clean, just throw the 100% highly durable Muslin cotton cloth in the wash and you’re done! And don’t worry about portability—the backdrop and its easy-carry duffel bag are tiny so it fits into even the smallest car trunk or closet and weighs less than 11 pounds!

The height can be adjusted from 4 feet to 8 feet 6 inches and the width is adjustable up to 10 feet. The backdrop is easy to carry, portable and disassembles in minutes!

Unlike a pop-up tent, you can now fully access your client throughout the spray tanning session for maximum maneuverability and there are no more light obstructions. Most importantly, it is affordable and diminishes the starting cost of offering sunless spray tanning.

It is ideal for mobile spray tanning or for spas to use in any multipurpose room. The tripod design that opens to 3′ footprint gives great stability.

Assembly is a snap because it is fitted with quick, single-action locks, so you can make fast adjustment at any height. Disassembly is just as easy as setting it up. The backdrop fits easily into the included carrying case with shoulder strap — complete with pockets to hold the disassembled frame.

The 100% cotton fabric is perfect for any salon or spa as it is durable, won’t shrink and is designed to handle sunless spray tanning. It’s dark black so a full day of spray tanning numerous clients will not show through. Unlike a pop up tent, at the end of the day you can just throw it in the washing machine for a hassle-free cleanup. It’s completely seamless, made from one solid piece of material, making it lightweight & easy to fold. The stitched edging prevents tears and the 4″ pocket makes it easy to slide onto the backdrop support.

Grey Surface
Aviva Labs Canada Professional Spray Tan Backdrop
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