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Voted best in its class. Quiet as a whisper, and reliable beyond belief, the Eco-2 Mighty Mist is 30 pounds lighter than similar machines on the market in its class while also running quieter and cooler. Built with dual filters and twin turbines for maximum efficiency and made by a company with nearly 50 years in the engineering industry, The Eco-2 Mighty Mist is perfect for high-end salons and spas seeking to maintain a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. Comes with an ergonomically designed mist applicator, designed to stay cool to the touch no matter how long you use it. Turbine speed control system ensures flawless, even tans, while giving you the ability to contour, shade, and detail as well. This machine comes with our highest recommendations.

Weight: 23 pounds


Colour: Black


Noise Level: 60 Decibels


Type: HVLP


Warranty: 24 Months


Manufacturer: Apollo Sprayers, Inc.


Additional features:


  • Quick connect couplings for ease of use. 14’ flexible hose

  • T5020 Spray Tan precision control applicator

  • Twin turbine engine

  • Variable speed control

  • Dual washable filter to prolong machine life

  • Fold down luggage style carry handle

  • Matte black case

  • Spray gun docking station

  • Fold down carrying handle

  • High performance two stage turbine

  • Made with medical-grade stainless steel

  • Variable speed


Great for salon and spa owners, the Eco-2 offers a quieter machine for a more peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy having conversation with your clients during their sessions or feel the masterful control that the variable speeds give you when contouring. In addition to being durable and hushed, it comes with an extra long, flexible air hose so you can maneuver easily around your space.

Grey Surface
Aviva Labs Canada - Eco-2-Mighty Mist Tanning Sprayer
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