Sunless Spray Tan Solutions: Aviva Labs Canada Collection

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Original AVIVA Spray Tan

Enflame your passionate side with the fiery undertones in this dazzling tan. Silky smooth on the skin, it is the way a spray tan was meant to feel. It is so natural-looking you will swear you just got back from a day in the sun. Aviva Inspires™ Original Sunless Collection delivers a fabulous, natural-looking colour for for those who want a tan with more of a rosy-brown undertone. 

These spray tan solutions are designed to give a 'just off the beach' tan with a healthy, soft colour. Dries in seconds, no odour leaving your skin feeling silky and superbly moisturized after application. 

Available in 8%, 10%, 12% and 14% DHA formulas to provide optimal tanning for each skin type.

Gimme B​rown

You will feel luxuriant in this brown-based tan inspired by the deep, rich hues in a cup of strong mocha mixed with just a kiss of chocolate. Aviva Inspires Gimme Brown!™ Sunless Collection is gentle enough for a classy, mature tan, but can be rich and deep enough for proms, dances and beauty pageants.

Available in 8%, 10%, 12%, 14% and 16% DHA formulas to provide optimal tanning for each skin type.

Winter ​Glow

AVIVA Inspires Winter Glow

There is beauty, and then a there is elegance. Explore the difference with nuances of mahogany, merlot, hickory and a breath of gold. Illuminate yourself in a gentle glow making you appear younger, healthier and more confident. Aviva Inspires Winter Glow™ Sunless Solution is our lightest formula and delivers a fabulous natural glow.

It is formulated to give a gentle glow using subtle hints of colour. It is the perfect option for your clients who would never see themselves with a sunless tan or those who want a lighter tan during the winter months. It is also a favourite among brides and anyone who wants to look and feel better without having an immediately noticeable tan.

Winter Glow gives a natural-looking healthy glow that dries in seconds leaving no odour and leaving your skin silky and superbly moisturized after application.

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Aviva Labs Premium City & Express Sunless Spray Tan Solutions:

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Heighten your spray tan experience by lavishing yourself in gold and honey brown hues. You will be the envy of everyone when they see the delicate, interwoven colours of our celebrity-inspired solution. Aviva Labs Hollywood is perfect for all skin types and is suitable for most clients who love a medium natural looking tan.

The city tan line is all about convenience. Shower off in as little as 90 minutes to 180 minutes! With a self developing DHA, the darker and deeper you want your tan will be dictated by you or your client with how long the solution is left on for.


Aviva Labs

As enchanting as the city, Aviva Labs Vegas builds upon a deep, hickory brown with a potion made from the subtle pairing of darker plum undertones and lighter violet highlights. When you witness the spell cast upon anyone who looks at you, you’ll swear it’s magic. High roll your way in style with the warm desert colours of Vegas. It is the most natural colour in the Aviva Labs City Collection.

Shower off in as little as 90 minutes to 180 minutes! With a self developing DHA, the darker and deeper you want your tan will be dictated by you or your client with how long the solution is left on for.


Aviva Labs

The distinctive flair and invigorating energy of Miami Beach is where this tan gets its inspiration. You’ll look like you spent the day dancing in the waves when you try this flirtatious cinnamon-brown tan infused with a whisper of ruby red. Aviva Labs Miami is great on just about every skin type with influences of coral to excite the skin tones of darker skinned clients, but also replicates a natural looking tan on those with fairer skin tones.

Shower off in as little as 90 minutes to 180 minutes! With a self developing DHA, the darker and deeper you want your tan will be dictated by you, or your client with how long the solution is left on for.


Dive into decadence with 30 Minutes to Honolulu. Treat yourself to the pleasant, fresh feel of an Aviva Labs spray tan and see your confidence rejuvenated by the dark, sumptuous chocolate tones of this tropically-inspired fan favourite. This is one of the most popular City Tans to date and versatile enough to use on any client who walks through your door. We have found a way to create the deepest, brownest, richest colour possible.

The city tan line is all about convenience. Shower off in as little as 90 minutes to 180 minutes! With a self developing DHA, the darker and deeper you want your tan will be dictated by you or your client with how long the solution is left on for. This one really shines!


Aviva Labs

Aviva Labs Express is an alluring mocha solution blended with golden honey hues, complemented by the rich tones found in dark chocolate. Let this solution introduce you to a world of temptation and decadence where you will be confident in how you look and they will be jealous that you look so good.

Express Tan is the world's first rapid spray tan that allows your clients to shower off after 1-4 hours depending on skin tone. It develops twice as fast as the City Tans producing a fantastic and flawless tan. Everyone will love this tan. No more waiting 8 hours to shower! It is the event tan.


Aviva Labs Spray On Bronzers

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Tango Tan

Tango Tan

Aviva Inspires Tango Tan™ Bronzer Solution is designed specifically for dancers, performers and pageant contestants. Tango Tan replicates the natural-looking tan. Give your clients an instant, natural-looking gorgeous tan in just seconds.

Atlas Tan Competition Bronzer

ATLAS™ Tan Instant Competition Bronzer is an eye-popping, muscle-defining colour designed specifically for elite bodybuilder & fitness models. The deep rich chocolate brown colour dries in seconds and is carefully tuned for bright stage lights.

35% DHA Booster Drops

DHA Booster Drops are high-concentration drops designed specifically to enhance the final tan your clients can achieve. This will not affect the bronzer colour of the tan, but will add a much sought-after boost to those clients in need. Perfect if you have that one person who wants a darker tan than the rest of your clientele, and also a hit amongst bodybuilders who want to create a strong base tan before their bronzer application.

DHA Free Bronzer Booster Drops

Bronzer Booster Drops are the ideal way to enhance the initial colour of a tan without strengthening the developing tan beneath. The drops produce and enhance luxuriant dark brown undertones, reminiscent of chocolate and cherries. It’s perfect for someone who wants to be the center of attention for an event that night, but still walk into work the next day with the beautiful, subtle tan they are known for. Works great for dance competitors, gala attendees and so much more!

Aviva Labs Organic Serums & Skin Care Products

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Aviva Labs organic serums and skincare products are made with the most natural, healthy ingredients and is specifically tested to work perfectly with your spray tan. All Aviva Labs skincare is guaranteed to increase the life and quality of your spray tan while providing superior results for a flawless finish. Award-Winning, Ground-Breaking, Breath-Taking, Every Time.

Organic Acai Berry and Sage Vitamin Serum

Organic Acai Berry and Sage (84% organic): Our Replenish Serum is an enriching boost to your Aviva Labs spray tan. Organic Coconut, Acai Berry, Sage, and Beet Root infuses your tan with Vitamins E and K for increased skin health, Vitamin A for firmer, more supple skin, and Vitamin C for its amazing antioxidant properties.

Organic Coconut Milk & Lavender Moisturizing Serum

Organic Coconut Milk and Lavender (83% organic): Infused with Organic Lavender to promote long-term skin health, our Refresh Serum is the perfect antidote for any spray tanner suffering from dry or damaged skin. A hydrating twist of Organic Coconut and Organic Moroccan Argan Oil help soothe and repair while providing long-lasting nourishment for your skin.

Organic Green Tea & Hibiscus Antioxidant Serum

Organic Green Tea and Hibiscus (81% organic): For the most rejuvenating spray tan, combine an Aviva Labs tan with our age-defying Revive Serum, made with the legendary antioxidants found in Organic Green Tea and Organic Hibiscus extracts to help restore your youthful glow with Organic Baobab and Organic Guarana that has powerful anti-aging properties..

Velvet Soft ​M​ois​turizing Creme

Velvet Soft Moisturizing Creme

Velvet Soft continues to surprise and delight crowds all around the world with how light it feels when applying, yet how supple and soft it makes your skin. Velvet soft is enriched with vitamins and blended with skin softening coconut oil. It is designed to hydrate your skin making it perfect for attaining the longest spray tan results possible so you can rest easy knowing your skin and your tan are getting the best treatment.

Skin Glow Light Tan Extender

Skin Glow Tan Extender

Our most popular skincare item. This moisturizer is a crowd pleaser and spray tan saver! Most moisturizers contain ingredients that can harm a spray tan, but skin glow is specifically designed for spray tanning and can increase the life of your tan by up to three days. You’ll notice how much more vibrant your tan looks, even six days out and you’ll love how soft your skin will feel.

Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliant

Blended with fine-grained pecan shells to encourage a gentle but effective exfoliation, Deep Clean is a favourite amongst clients who want to get the most out of their spray tans. This oil-free product works amazingly by itself or combined with exfoliation mitts to produce an even deeper, more significant cleanse. Your skin will feel fresh, smooth and polished, perfect for your upcoming spray tan!

​Shower Gl​ow DHA Infused Body Wash​

Shower Glow DHA Infused

One of the few spray tan safe soaps on the market that will help keep a tan lasting fresher longer and can increase a tan’s life by up to three days. Aviva Labs Shower Glow Body Wash boosts your tan even while you shower! A carefully measured dose of DHA extends your radiant sunless glow by up to 3 days. Leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed. You will  be transported to a place of peace and relaxation, soothed and becalmed by the lemon verbena fragrance. 

Tan Rest​ore S​unle​ss Tanning ​Gel

Tan Restore Gel is the answer to how to keep your tan lasting throughout your vacation. It helps with the faster fading spots by evening out the tan until the next spray session. The gel goes on streak-free and dries in seconds. With a rejuvenating mix of antioxidants, vitamins, Dead Sea mineral salts, and coconut extracts, this product feels luxurious even as it’s giving life to an existing tan or creating a whole new one. 

Skin ​C​are​ Gift Bags

Aviva Skin Care Gift Bag

Contains 4 individual samples of Aviva Labs’ best loved skincare products:

  • Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliant
  • Skin Glow Light Tan Extender
  • Velvet Soft Moisturizing Crème
  • Shower Glow DHA-Infused Body Wash

Spray Tan ​Exfoliating​ S​luff Wipes

Perfect for emergencies when clients did not, or could not, prep properly for their spray tan. Don’t let deodorant, perfumes, or makeup ruin your client’s experience: Sluff Wipes will help remove everything that could form a barrier between the skin and the spray tan solution. One side moisturizes the skin—perfect for those dry spots that can play havoc on a spray tan; the other side exfoliates, removing both left over residues and your client’s worries!

  • Dual purpose: Moisturizing and Exfoliating
  • Great Value: 40 Wipes per container!
  • Achieve better spray tan results, and happier clients!

Derma​su​ri  Deep Exfoliating Mitts

Made with a unique fabric texture, the mitt visibly removes surface layers of buildup and dead skin instantly. The mitt catches and sloughs off dead cells by simply rolling it off your skin to reveal your healthy and smooth skin underneath to help extend the life of your spray tan! You’ll be amazed at how effective this product is for returning your skin to its cleanest, most natural state, and your spray tan results will be significantly improved by using the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt to remove all barriers between your skin and your healthy spray tan! The Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt is perfect for those clients who want to come in for a new spray tan each and every week!

Each package contains one black, reusable Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt.

Sunless Spray Tanning Equipment

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Apollo T1​00 X Mini Mist ​HVLP Sprayer

Apollo T100 X HVLP Sprayer

The Aviva T100 X HVLP Sprayer is perfect for both mobile spray tan businesses and salons. It is incredibly lightweight and portable, weighing under 10 lbs. It comes with an 18 month warranty.

Apollo Eco-2​ Might Mist

The Aviva Labs Eco-2 by Apollo offers a quieter machine for a more peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy having conversation with your clients during their sessions, or feel the masterful control that the variable speeds give you when contouring

H​urric​ane Extraction Fan

The Hurricane spray tan extraction fans small size hides its surprising strength capable of filtering 1900 m3/hr an hour! This extraction fan’s dual speed design helps you conquer any type of day. Comes with a washable filter and high efficiency motor. From a small relaxed party to a bustling crowd this spray tan extraction fan will suite your needs. 

Profess​ional Spray Tanning Backdrop

Aviva Labs Canada

Aviva Labs Canada backdrop will give you a professional setting maximizing the benefits of lighting and open space for your clients regardless of where you are spray tanning. It's incredibly light, which makes it a breeze to setup and take down. The muslin cloth fabric is durable and machine washable.

HV​LP Spray Tan Pop Up Tent

The Aviva Labs Canada professional spray tan pop up tent is a great tool for a mobile tanning business. It has been designed to be lightweight, durable and easy to clean with easy setup and take down. Additionally, it has an overhead skylight that welcomes more light and an opening flap for an extraction fan. 

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