Typhoon Extraction Fan

Typhoon Portable Extractor Fan – Made in the UK

The Typhoon is the most powerful portable spray tan extractor ever made (over 859m3/hour through the filter). It is purpose built for spray tanning and complies with UK Health & Safety requirements (SR13 – COSSH). If you’re a busy spray tan technician or want to invest in a lightweight extractor that removes MORE over-spray than any other machine this is for you! The Typhoon has with an extended 2 year warranty, free SPARE washable filter and probably the easiest machine to operate and maintain than any other. It is a seriously powerful and effective machine!

Now your room will be instantly free of over-spray even during back-to-back tanning or spray tan parties. No more dirty walls, floors and furniture stains! And the WASHABLE FILTER means you don’t have to buy frequent replacements – saving MONEY!

The Typhoon has been independently tested and complies with UK Health & Safety regulations (SR13). You can download the LEV report free (link above) and use this as proof of performance to any Health & Safety Officer who can randomly inspect your business or premises (contact your local authority for more information).

AVIVA Labs Spray Tan Fan


  • Centrifugal backward-curved motorized impeller
  • Motors tested to 40,000 hours continuous running
  • 900 cubic meters/hour free airflow
  • 859 cubic meters/hour FILTERED airflow
  • Washable synthetic filter
  • Thermal protection with built in cut out (CE Approved)
  • Fused power supply (extra safety)
  • Lightweight only 6.5kgs
  • Dimensions 38cm x 38cm x 18cm (HxWxD)
  • Powder coated lightweight steel (durable)
  • Electric supply at 50Hz = 0.4 amp (91 Watt)

You will need a step up transformer to convert 110 volts to 240 volts.

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