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Tanning Solution That Has Turned Green

It is not uncommon to pour a spray tan solution into a cup and notice it has turned green or blueish in colour. This is pretty typical of a solution that has gone beyond its expiration date. It would be nice that a spray tan solution would last till the bottle was completely finished. However, a spray tan solution will typically last 6 months opened to over one year unopened even if it has been stored in optimal conditions.

The reason a spray tan solution has turned green is by a process called oxidation. This is when the cosmetic or food-grade bronzers of red, yellow and blue have oxidized. Red will oxidize the quickest leaving red and blue making green.

Some spray tan companies will put a whole pile of extras in their solutions to defer from the fact that there are subpar ingredients in their formulas they are selling to you. The quality of ingredients in a solution are important. However, putting additives and preservatives to make a solution last longer does not make it necessarily of more quality or healthy product,  just like the foods we consume.

Spray tan solutions made with oils, alcohols and cosmetic bronzers rather than food-grade colourants are indicators of a subpar solution and will most likely turn green sooner than a higher quality solution.

A good quality solution should last 6 months to up to a year. This should be ample time to use up a whole bottle of solution. The fact is that given enough time, every solution will turn green. If you find your solutions are turning green too soon, it may be time to consider a tanning solution that uses higher quality ingredients. If you have a solution where the bronzer has tarted to oxidize, do not panic. You can still use the solution because it does not mean the DHA has gone bad. When the bronzer washes off, the DHA will still do its job and a developed tan will result. The only downside, is that the bronzer will not look right on the skin until it has been showered off. The best thing at the end of the day is to test the solution you are not sure of on a small patch of skin on yourself to see how it looks and develops.

The best way to store a spray tan solution is in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents. Cheaper solutions may have to be stored in a refrigerator — higher quality ones are perfectly fine stored at room temperature.

It is typical for solution in the cap of the spray tan bottle to turn green. This does not mean that the whole solution has gone bad. Pouring a little solution into the spray tan cup is the best indicator.

Sometimes clients will complain that their armpits have turned green after a spray tan. This is a result of not properly exfoliating the skin where there is a residue of perfume or deodorant and the bronzer has reacted with it. This is why proper skin prep is of utmost importance and the factor of having a long-lasting spray tan.

For more information, get in touch with Aviva Labs Canada and discover what it is like to receive a high quality natural spray tan that dries instantly and goes on silky smooth. It’s time to feel good by showing off a healthy tan.

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What to LOOK FOR when Inquiring about NATURAL, ORGANIC Spray Tan Solutions

Organic Tan

Businesses and their clients who take pride in health will inquire about natural spray tan solutions. What sets a tanning product apart is how well it is formulated and manufactured.

For example, many spray tan solutions are oil-based and have scents added to them. Right away this should tell you that if it is not water-based, it is an inferior product and is not healthy for skin. Also, if the spray tan solution has a ‘special’ scent, it is probably masking another unwanted scent such as poorly treated DHA. This means that a salon is if offering a tanning service with a choice of scents such as lavender, strawberries, coconut, etc, you can be assured that the solution they are using may contain nut oils, allergens, chemicals and other ingredients that are not healthy and may give you an unwanted skin reaction.

One of the common ingredients in oil-based tanning solutions is alcohol. When a tanning solution is formulated in an inferior way, the result will give a sticky and tacky feeling on the skin. Alcohol formulated into the solution as a ‘quick-fix’ in helping with the drying time. The problem with alcohol is that it dries the skin out and will cause a spray tan to fade a lot sooner.

The advantage of a using an natural, water-based solution is that it dries almost instantly and will feel silky-smooth when applied and will not dry out the skin.

When looking for an oil-free, natural sunless tanning solution there are a few factors to consider when purchasing a service or offering the product to clients.

Hypoallergenic: Takes the worry of having an allergic reaction.

FDA Approved: It has been deemed to be safe for its application.

Vegan: No animal testing has been done with this product.

Ingredients: The product does not have too many ingredients that are healthy, natural and safe without the addition of oils, alcohols and fragrances.

Aviva Labs Canada offers sunless spray tan solutions and skin care products that will give you peace of mind.

  • Doctor formulated.
  • Natural-looking and long lasting.
  • Even fading.
  • Oil-free.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Alcohol-free.
  • Erythrulose-free.
  • Only made with FDA approved Ingredients.
  • PETA-approved.
  • Composed of the highest quality, premium grade DHA.
  • Water-based.
  • Fast-drying.
  • Vegan.
  • Not tested on Animals.
  • Free of harsh dyes and chemicals.
  • Nut-free and allergen-free.
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Always fresh and come with a 6-month shelf-life guarantee.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Formulated with long term health in mind.
  • Erythrulose-free made with Eco-Cert certified DHA (dihydroxyacetone).

Aviva Labs is a world leader in ethical sunless tanning products. They are created with the highest quality ingredients to be the best-performing in the spray tan industry.  All ingredients are carefully sourced to meet the standards of quality and health.

  • Never test on animals
  • Only use FDA approved ingredients
  • Comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Monitor all products with a strict system of in-house quality control measures
  • Provide only Vegan products
  • Are PETA approved
  • Offer Hypoallergenic Solutions
  • Use sustainable raw materials
  • Use recycled packaging and shipping materials
  • Provide biodegradable products

Not many tanning products live up to these lists because they do not manufacture oil-free, alcohol-free, erythrulose-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic solutions.

Get in touch with Aviva Labs Canada and discover what it is like to receive a natural spray tan that dries instantly and goes on silky smooth. It’s time to feel good by showing off your healthy tan.

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Factors in Maintaining a LONG-LASTING, HEALTHY, Natural Spray Tan

A spray tan can last anywhere from five days to two weeks, but it all depends on your skin condition going before your sunless spray tan service as well as how well you maintain your skin after. Obviously, the goal is to maximize your sunless glow by prolonging the time between services. This can help save you money and avoid unnecessary problems.

The following tips will help your skin and your tan to look its best. You could say that these two things are mutually inclusive.

When a spray tan is applied to your skin, there is an ingredient in the solution called DHA or Dihydroxyacetone. DHA will temporarily darken the top layer of your skin. This is why it is important to keep your top layer of skin as healthy as possible to prolong the benefits of your health glow.

Our natural skin cycle will shed old skin cells as a new layer forms underneath. Each person will have their own unique skin cycle. However, anybody can maximize the glow of their sunless spray tan by utilizing a good maintenance regime.

Exfoliating your skin is one of the ways to maximize your spray tan before your service. Using an oil free exfoliator such as Aviva Labs Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliator helps to clean unwanted residues from your skin from soaps, creams, fragrances and shampoos to give your skin and pores a clean slate. Clean exfoliated skin or ‘naked skin’ will not have a barrier. This means that when the spray tan solution is applied, it will maximize the life of your sunless tan.

One of the benefits of using Aviva Labs Spray Tan Solutions is that there is no need for barrier creams. Their sunless solutions are water-based instead of oil-based and do not require barrier creams or prep sprays that can cause your tan to fade faster.

Before getting a spray tan, it is a good idea to shave the day before your service using an oil-free shaving cream to avoid unwanted residues because these things on your skin will affect the performance and expectancy of your spray tan.

Also, if your skin has been burned from the sun and you decide to get a spray tan, your skin may peel and result in an uneven and patchy look. This is why it is best to protect your skin and make sure that it has recovered first before getting spray tanned.

Inferior tanning solutions will have alcohol blended in their solutions to make them dry faster. This is why it is common for the skin to feel sticky and tacky afterwards when an oil-based solution is applied. The alcohol is meant to help the sprayed skin to dry quicker. Unfortunately, many do not realize that alcohol dries the skin causing the tan to fade quicker.

Fortunately, Aviva Labs solutions are water-based and alcohol-free that dry upon contact with the skin leaving it feeling silky-smooth. The solutions have been formulated to help keep your skin healthy and extend the life of your tan.

After your spray tan service, it is important to wear loose fitting clothing until the DHA has developed on the skin. Make sure you ask your spray tanner how long the spray tan will take to develop before you shower off. Rinsing off too early may not give you the intended result you were looking for. Aviva Labs has rapid tan solutions. This means you can shower off the bronzer earlier depending on intended result, but the DHA will still do its work afterwards over the next 8 to 12 hours.

It is important to use the products that have been created and tested to compliment your skin. Mixing different name brands could negatively affect the outcome of your skin and your tan.

If you like swimming in the ocean or in a chlorinated pool, it is important to moisturize, but also clean your skin from unwanted residues from salt, chlorine and sweat. Aviva Labs has a daily DHA infused body wash that help clean away grime and help extend the life of your tan and give it an even fade.

These are just a few easy tips to help you look your best in your spray tan as long as possible.

Get in touch with Aviva Labs Canada and discover what it is like to receive a natural spray tan that dries instantly and goes on silky smooth. It’s time to feel good by showing off your healthy tan.

Are you ready for the compliments?


When you think of bodybuilders strutting their stuff on stage, you may think of tans that don’t look real, or even unnatural looking. Sometimes they may seem as dark as a chocolate bar, or as orange as an Oompa Loompa. In the world of competition spray tanning, the most important thing is to help your client gain as many favourable points as possible. Applying a competition spray tan properly will help maximize the appeal of the competitor's perfectly sculpted muscles making a good impression on the stage. How a spray tan is applied can make, or break your client’s hard work going into the competition.

There are many important factors consider. As a professional spray tanner, you want to ensure that you highlight and show off the bodybuilder, the fitness competitor, the model and the dancer so they become your loyal clients. Being informed and prepared is of utmost importance.

You may have been a spray tanner for years, but becoming a competition spray tanner can be intimidating on the get go. Let’s face it, the expectations of your client will be high and differ quite differently than the spray tans that you do on a daily basis.

This article will give you a few recommendations and tips as you take your first steps into the world of competition spray tanning.

Skin Prep Before a Spray Tan

Most competition clients will have put their body through high levels of fitness and dieting that will take a toll on the health of their skin. They have been through excess training, sweating, stress, food and water rationing. All of these things will be factors in how their skin will look and feel leading up to competition day. Their skin may look quite neglected, but with good preparation these hurdles can be overcome quite easily.

It is important to communicate with your client by ask ing them what type of regime they are currently using for their skin. If they have neglected skin, a liberal application of Aviva Labs Velvet Soft Moisturizing Crème will help remedy their dry skin in the days before receiving their competition base tan. Also, exfoliating their skin with Aviva Labs Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliant will give them clean (naked) skin for the best possible palette for their base tan application.

Being Informed, Trained and Practiced

A good understanding of the different choices of spray tan solutions and the expectations leading up to the application of your client's spray tan will help them make an informed decision. Your goal is to make them look their best before they go under the stage lights to be scrutinized by the judges.

Let your client know the best type of spray tan solution that will accentuate their skin type and highlight their muscle definition so it draws attention to all their hard work. This will give them confidence as they strut their stuff and pose before the judges upon the stage. Make sure special attention is heeded to certain parts of the body, such as the underarms and the glutes so that your client will not lose any points.

Understanding the proper techniques of applying a spray tan on the competitor will not waste your time, or your clients by making the mistake of over spraying, or dousing the client with too much bronzer making them look unnatural. Being informed, trained and practiced will avoid any unnecessary results that could affect your client’s competition outcome.

The Competition Spray Tan

Important tip! A competition spray tan should highlight and contour the muscles, not hide them under a heavy batter of bronzer.

Applying a competition tan such as Aviva Labs Atlas Tan Instant Competition Bronzer requires a slower action of strokes that allows for a more defined sculpted look. It is much slower than the technique of the lighter softer applications of everyday spray tans. Make sure you do not go too heavy on the underarms and face so the tan does not look caked on, or clumpy, but rather giving an even natural look. Atlas Tan is designed to accentuate the defined muscles of bodybuilders and fitness models under bright stage lights.

Make sure you let your clients know the differences between the types solutions that you use, how it is applied and post care giving them the best service possible with an ultimate performance colour that will be the envy of the other competitors. Remember, your piece of art is on display with the potential opportunity to gain more clients.

Prep for the Application of Base Spray Tan

Your competitor should have well moisturized and exfoliated (naked) skin before the first application of their base tan. Great products, such as Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 14% DHA, Gimme Brown 16% DHA or an Aviva Labs City Tans (Honolulu, Vegas or Miami) that have a darker colour are all great considerations for a base tan application 1- 2 days before the competition. Allow the tan to develop overnight (less with a City Tan) and get your client to come back for any touch ups if needed and to address any concerns that they might have leading up to the day of the event. Make sure that they avoid exercising, or sweating excessively while their base tan is developing.

Important note! Judges prefer bodybuilders to be shinier on stage, but bikini girls don’t need to be shiny. It is important to understand the particular demands of the industry so as to not sabotage your client with the wrong type of spray tan for their particular competition.

Informing your client of the proper preparations will avoid any lackluster spray tan results. Exfoliating before the base tan application with an oil free product such as Aviva Labs Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliant will help turn your client's skin into a clean slate. Make sure to communicate to them that they are to avoid the use of soaps, deodorants, perfumes and creams, or any other skin products that have oil in them. Good communication between you and your client will avoid any unexpected obstacles, unnecessary results and any stress between you and the competitor.

Clean fresh skin is the palette for success!

Good Preparation Before the Competition

Additional Note! A clean shaved client before the body gets sprayed will not impede the areas that the judges expect to be aesthetically tanned and clean.

On the day of the competition some spray tan clients may ask their spray tanner to accompany them to the event so that their competition bronzer can be applied just before they hit the stage to avoid any possibility of streaking, or blotching that might happen if the bronzer was applied the night before.

Your goal is to give them the best spray tan application possible to highlight your client’s hard work as well as yours too!

If your client is wearing an outfit for a particular competition, make sure that all the areas that are expected to be tanned are sprayed to ensure no spot is missed, or any tan lines showing. Avoid wearing a hat if possible so the bronzer does not smudge the forehead if it is taken off, or wear a looser one if required. Make sure your client wears loose fitting clothes, as the competition bronzer is heavier than the standard spray tan solutions.

Also, tight drawstrings could smudge, or rub off the bronzer if pulled too tight on loose clothes. Try to avoid eating citrus fruits as they may squirt on the bronzer and alter the colour.

Being well informed on these spray-tanning tips will help you avoid any unexpected hiccups.

Depending upon your experience, your client should only need one full tanning session for their base tan, but may require touchups depending upon how prepared you are and they are beforehand. The day of the competition will require the bronzer application session with the possibility of touchups too.

The initial base spray tan can last up to fifteen days, but that is all dependent on the status of your client’s skin and what types of pre and post spray tan skin products they use. Post care skin product can extend the life and investment of a spray tan. Aviva Labs DHA laced Shower Glow coupled with Aviva Labs Skin Glow Light Tan Extender or Aviva Labs Tan Restore Gel can help to extend the life of a spray tan allowing for even fading, and most importantly help keep the skin vibrant and healthy.

A Premium Service

Many ask how much they should charge for spraying on a competition tan.

The truth is that a competition tan requires a lot of work and preparation for both the client and the spray tanner. It is a premium service and will cost more than a traditional spay tan. Some businesses give competition spray tan package with a one-time fee, while others charge based on the amount of solutions and the types of skin prep products used. Also, it is important to factor in whether the spray tanner is travelling with their client to the competition, or event.

Competition tans are a work of art and can really make a competitor shine. It is of utmost important to be prepared, practiced and well informed. These are some of the keys to your success, and your client’s success too.

Hopefully you will not be intimidated by competition spray tans, but see it as another revenue stream in the fun and exiting world of competition spray tanning.

Happy Competition Spray Tanning!

Get in touch with Aviva Labs Canada and discover what it is like to receive a natural spray tan that dries instantly and goes on silky smooth. It’s time to feel good by showing off your healthy tan.

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What You NEED to KNOW About the Differences in Spray Tan Solutions

When you are starting a new business or service, it is very important that you start with your best foot forward with the best product for your clients.

To begin with, there are literally hundreds of spray tan solution brand names out on the market, so it can be very confusing to choose which one is best. However, there are only a handful of maybe 5 or 6 worldwide that are the actual manufacturers of their own solutions. Aviva Labs is one of them. They manufacture their own solutions and have their own research and development team. They are very knowledgeable about the science behind spray tan solutions and everything there is to know about spray tan solutions and the industry in general.

Aviva Labs is transparent. They show who they are, where they are located, what ingredients are in every product and why they are used. They pride themselves with good quality control. This is re-assurance of knowing that your sunless spray tan solution won’t randomly change and the quality will be consistent.

When you look at which spray tan company and what solutions to go with, you want to partner with people who is transparent about their products. It is important to ask questions:

  • Do they list their ingredient list openly?
  • If not, what are they hiding?
  • Who is the company?
  • Where is the company located?
  • Where are the products made?
  • Who manufactures their products?
  • Who is the manufacturer?


Ingredients are very important when looking at a tanning solution that you are going to be spraying on the skin of your clients. These days there are many who have allergies to contend with. You may never know if someone allergic to something until it is too late.

For this reason, when you start your spray tanning business, you want to make sure that you are offering the highest quality and best spray tan solutions on the market you can find. This is a sign of a reputable company that stands behind their spray tanning solutions.

On your end, you can build an excellent reputation and build trust with your own customers who not only will get an incredible spray tan from you, but also the best colour for their skin tones without experiencing allergic reactions. Your clients will experience a great, trouble free sunless spray tan and keep coming back for more as they spread the word that you are the best spray tanner with the best natural spray tan solutions.

Aviva Labs lists all their ingredients openly and they hide nothing. No other spray tan solution brand name or company has been able to re-produce what they have done.

They only use 13 ingredients in every single solution. This is amazing since the majority of solutions out there use up to 30-50 plus ingredients in their solutions. The more ingredients, the more there is a risk of allergic reactions. 

'Organic' and FDA Approved Ingredients

In Canada and the USA, there is no governing authority or regulation that allows people to legally say they are 'Organic' for non-food items. Only edible food items have a governing authority to call their products organic. However, in Europe there is a governing standard called, 'Eco-Cert'” which is the equivalent to 'organic.' Aviva Labs uses Eco-Cert Grade DHA in all their spray tan solutions. They only use the highest quality grade DHA and ingredients in their spray tan solutions and skincare products.

A widely known spray tan solution company called St. Tropez, like many others in the marketplace openly says that they use Erythrulose, but this is a non FDA-approved ingredient. Erythrulose is not currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a self-tanning agent. 

“Not all users develop a tan coloration from erythrulose; some may find their fading is more uneven and blotchy when this ingredient is used.”

Aviva Labs does not use Erythrulose.

Oil Free, Alcohol Free and Fragrance Free

Aviva Labs solutions are the only solutions worldwide that are a unique combination of being OIL-FREE, ALCOHOL-FREE and FRAGRANCE-FREE.

Be aware of a spray tan solution says they are 'oil-free,' but has aloe vera in it. This that means that it is an oil-based solution.

When a spray tan solution is oil-based, this is what happens:

1) Oil based solutions can clog up the skin’s pores. This can cause breakouts and problems for the skin in general.

2) When oil based solutions are sprayed on the skin, they leave the skin sticky, tacky and heavier on the skin taking longer to dry on the skin. A person does not have this experience with an Aviva Labs spray tan. The solution dries within seconds of hitting the skin with no sticky, tacky, wet feel on the skin at all.

3) When oil based solutions rub off on clothing or bed sheets they stain. With water-based solutions like Aviva’s, they wash off with water without staining clothing or bed sheets.

The reason why inferior spray tan solutions use alcohol is because it an oil-based product. Alcohol is used to compensate so that the solution dries on the skin faster. It can be deceiving if a company says their spray tan solutions are oil-free, but one of their ingredients is aloe vera because it is a type of oil. This can be deceptive. Alcohol dries skin out and adds to pre-mature aging of the skin. This is not a good thing.

Many spray tan solutions are scented or have a particular unpleasant odour to them. The fact is scents are a common cause of allergic reactions. The other negative reason scents are added to a product is to cover up negative or adverse smells and attempts to make a product smell better than it naturally is.

When a product is scented it also can be a red flag that the spray tan brand uses cheaper ingredients in their solutions giving an illusion of quality.

Aviva Labs uses the highest quality of ingredients; they do not have to hide any bad smells or compensate because they are using the very best ingredients in their sunless spray tan solutions resulting in a fragrance-free product.

It is best to use a spray tan solution that is hypoallergenic to avoid any unwanted allergic reactions, and this is what Aviva Labs has done. That is why their solutions are oil free, alcohol free, and fragrance free.

Choosing the Best Solutions!

When it comes to picking out the best spray tan solution for your business and choosing which company and distributor to get your supplies from, your best success will come when you understand what is important when choosing from the hundreds of different spray tan solutions out there.

Company transparency, quality of ingredients, openly listed ingredients and knowing if the brand-name is also the spray tan solution manufacturer are some important points to carefully consider. These are some of the tell tale signs that you are picking a worldwide top-notch spray tan solution, manufacturer and company to have a working relationship with for your continued and ongoing success!

Get in touch with Aviva Labs Canada and discover what it is like to receive a natural spray tan that dries instantly and goes on silky smooth. It’s time to feel good by showing off your healthy tan.

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Top 5 Tips for the BEST Spray Tan Ever!

Aviva Labs Canada

1) Skin Prep: During skin prep before their spray tan make sure your client uses an oil free exfoliate and does not apply any type of lotions, oils, butters, or creams between their shower, exfoliation and spray tan. When it comes to getting yourself ready for a spray tan, you always want to have 'naked' skin. In other words, absolutely nothing that could shorten or hinder your spray tan. Always use an exfoliator to slough dead skin cells from the skin concentrating on your hands, knees and elbows. This will leave the skin free from any oils allowing the tan to penetrate evenly. Do not use any exfoliates that has any type of oil, or butter's in it as it will act like a barrier.

2) Pick the right colour base of spray tan solution that matches to your clients skin tone giving a DHA level of darkness that would suit them best. When it comes to skin tones, one colour does not fit all. Just like a red lipstick, there are bluish and cooler undertone reds and warmer or peachy toned red lipsticks. It is the same with spray tan solutions. We offer a variety of sunless solutions for pale, bluish or cooler skin tones as well as for olive or warmer skin tones. Learn how to match those solutions with your customers unique skin tone so you can customize the absolute perfect spray tan for each person so they look amazing!

3) Gun Settings: When you spray tan, turn your spray gun very low and do not use too much solution! You should barely be able to see the solution coming out of the gun. If you see a big mist, your gun is turned way too high.

Important: No more than 1.5-2 ounces of spray tanning solution per full body spray tan if using Aviva Labs solutions.

4) Spray Gun to Skin Distances: When you are spraying more porous areas like elbows, knees and feet (including the face and neck) be more aware of how close your gun is to the skin along with how much solution is spraying out. You don't want the gun too close and you want to use a 'feathering technique' where you bring your gun a bit further away from these areas so to not over saturate the skin. This way ensures that you do not need to use barrier creams. When spraying, keep the gun at about 8 inches away from the skin as this allows your gun to disperse a more even amount of solution over a greater area of skin and you avoid spraying the solution on too heavy.

5) When does a client shower after getting a spray tan? Most DHA sunless solutions take about 8 hours to completely develop; therefore, clients should not shower until after 8 hours from the time they are sprayed. Since a DHA tan takes 8 hours to completely develop, you should educate your clients that no matter how quickly they shower they should not expect to see their full tan until after that time. There are express solutions that can be used to speed up shower time as quickly as 30 minutes after being sprayed. With the first shower off, it is suggested to rinse off with water water only as the DHA is still in the developing stage.

Get in touch with Aviva Labs Canada and discover what it is like to receive a natural spray tan that dries instantly and goes on silky smooth. It’s time to feel good by showing off your healthy tan.

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When you are starting a spray tanning business or want to grow what you already have, there are a few key things for your success to keep in mind.

1) Your initial investment: Don’t cheap out on your solutions and your equipment. Get good equipment that isn't going to break down on you with fly-by-night unknown manufacturers or made in China where you may have little control when things break down leading to a whole variety of hassles. It is best to look for equipment with excellent warranties by top quality manufacturers. You want your spray-tanning gun to run and function flawlessly, covering maximum skin with an excellent controllable spray nozzle that will help you spray tan your clients skin with more than satisfactory results.

2) Banish the thought of orange: Scientific advancements in sunless tanning formulations have eliminated the 'orange' look in favour of a more natural glow. Make sure your clients are aware that better formulations coupled with the proper concentration of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) can deliver a tan so natural, only the client and technician will know otherwise. When you purchase a top quality solution, your client will discover the difference and this will translate into 'client retention.' In other words, they will come back for more!

3) Practice and Training: There is no license required to be a spray technician—a steady arm, patience and a willingness to learn are all that is needed to be up and running in no time at all. You can also help boost your confidence and technique by taking an online course like the sunless 101 or take live training.

4) Choose the right solution: A sunless tanning solution should leave results that can be seen and felt. A good spray tanning solution should be natural-looking, oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and formulated to promote healthy skin. Solutions should also dry in seconds (not minutes), and should not leave a sticky, greasy feeling or stain clothing.

5) Customize solutions for clients' skin type: In order to help your client look his or her best, you need to be able to customize your spray tan solution for each individual. One colour does not fit all. Assess each client's skin type and have a consultation on expectations before formulating and matching which colour of solution will best work for them. Everyone has different skin tones as some have cooler undertones, while others have warmer tones along with various levels of darkness of skin pigment.

6) Calculate the right pricing: Know your market—local market conditions, competition and demographics will influence pricing. For a full-body application, typical prices range from $35-$55 for a 15-minute treatment with a price break for multiple applications. Face, neck, shoulders and arms applications range from $20-$30 for a 6 to 12-minute treatment and face and neck applications can range from $10-$15 for a five-minute treatment. Most people can spray tan 4 customers per hour. If you charged $45.00 per spray tan with your cost being $5.00 per spray tan. That leaves you a profit of $40.00 plus tips for a 15 minute service!

Get in touch with Aviva Labs Canada and discover what it is like to receive a natural spray tan that dries instantly and goes on silky smooth. It’s time to feel good by showing off your healthy tan.


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